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Does this look familiar to you?

Though it appears to be a Business Model, what you are seeing is in fact a Sustainable Business Model Canvas, SBMC – a second layer to the traditional business pitch which adds a deeper visualization of the business operations that create ESG value or avoid ESG risk.

As the Clear Skies analysts build a watchlist of impactful companies, they investigate daily the companies who are intentionally adding ESG activities to their process. Believe it or not, it is becoming easier to spot companies who are aware of the drivers of ESG risk/impact value in their business models and who can leverage those better to generate long-term sustainable growth and innovation (also to attract impact investors).

If you are a company looking to be more intentional about your positive impact on society and planet, we have 2 resources for you:

1) Threebility downloadable tools to add intentional sustainable value from the very start of your startup journey.

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2) The Triple Layer Business Model Canvas which adds 2 additional layers to the original: an environmental layer based on a lifecycle perspective and a social layer based on a stakeholder perspective.