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Impact Measurement

Clear Skies attaches great importance to the equal performance of both impact and financial returns of our funds and the customized portfolios we manage.

Impact Screening
Born out of a mapping project to link ESG factors with SDG goals at the target level, the Clear Skies Impact Radar is continuously being improved to maximize its effectiveness.

This tool is built in-house to allow our analysts to pull levers specific to the customized theory of change of our investors’ portfolios or our funds and filter/derive a list of impactful companies intentionally aiming to integrate social and environmental development in their business models.

Impact Measurement
Our Impact Measurement Framework is used simultaneously as our analysts perform a financial and risk analysis. Using Impact Radar results, company reporting and third party ESG assessments, the analysts further verify four impact principles which we believe contribute to determining genuine positive impact in business models: Intentionality, Materiality, Contribution and Negative Externalities
Impact Engagement
Clear Skies measures a portfolio companies’ delivery on the SDGs and offers proactive and constructive dialogue using a data-driven approach. This goal is achieved through our strategic networks and proxy voting system.

Reach out directly to see our Engagement Policy.

Impact Reporting
Clear Skies collects company reported KPI's as part of our impact framework, as well as disclosed data on partner sites. This information is aggregated on a quarterly basis and reported to our clients through the factsheets. On an annual basis, Clear Skies generates an impact report for each fund.

Advocating for impact measurement standardization in the field of impact investment, Clear Skies aims to actively engage with the Impact investing ecosystem to learn and share important practices to improve the results of impact investing. Follow our “News” section for more information.

We invest in impact solutions offered by companies who are great corporate citizens

Beyond checking that a company generated a positive impact on the society and planet, our due diligence includes an assessment of the general management of risks on ESG.