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Our Team

Driven by passion and holding cross functional skills, our professionals exemplify our values to offer trustworthy service with high standards.

Michel Brutti, CFA
Founder & CEO
Polina Gamayunova
Director, Operations & Strategy
Dan Chacko​
Director, Sustainable, Investments
Saphira Suoi
Impact Investment Research
Nazim Benguettat
Global Equity Analyst
Jacques-A. Caussignac
CCO & Director of Client Experience & Strategy

Our Partners and Suppliers

We engage with collaborators who not only aim to achieve the highest degree of excellence in the field of investment management but are also committed to enhancing Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and Impact goals of the global economy. ​

We serve family offices, institutional investors, foundations, endowments and accredited investors seeking to make an impact.

Meet our Advisors

A council of leaders in areas as diverse as Finance, Engineering, Regulation, Environmental Policy and other industry knowledge that provide strategic guidance, insight and connections to achieve the vision of Clear Skies​​​​​​​​​​

Amr Addas​
Expertise in Portfolio Management and Sustainable Investment
Marie-Claude Bourgie, MBA
Expertise in Climate Finance and Strategic Partnerships
Sylvain Carle​
Specialist in Venture Capital in emerging technologies and entrepreneurship
Alain-Olivier Desbois, CFA​
Impact Finance Strategist, Cleantech, Fundraising Expertise
Olivier Gamache​
Expertise in Corporate Governance, Philanthropy and Sustainable Finance
Maria Maisuradze
Expertise in Corporate and
Sustainable Finance
Roxanne Turcotte
Expertise in Impact Investing, Cleantech ​and Sustainable Food​​

Impact Radar and Portfolio Optimization Team

This team is developing the technologies which are integrated in the sourcing and assessing stages of the impact investment process along side analysts and volunteers. See more about the Impact Radar here.

Clément Brutti-Mairesse
Data Analyst and Coding Consultant leading the Impact Radar and Optimization Projects
Natasha Yang
Coding for the Impact Radar

Nextgen Impact Panel

To remain agile in a rapidly changing world, as well as to form a holistic view of all the industries we invest in, Clear Skies designated a panel composed of forward-thinking volunteers committed to advancing impact investing and creating a better world for their generation and the next generations.​​

Sophie Beaudet
Researcher on Biodiversity
Louis-Philippe Tremblay
Digital Communications Strategy
Linden MacKenzie
Contributing Author

To realize our shared vision, we must go further than ESG integration in our investment strategies. In making investment decisions, we focus on both the impact of our investments as well as financial criteria.

Our Networks