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Planetary Boundaries

Planetary Boundaries and Investment Considerations of Biosphere Integrity

The planetary boundaries framework was developed by a group of Earth system scientists led by…
Biodiversity Panel May 13
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Biodiversity Panel

Clear Skies Investment Management (Clear Skies) is excited to present the sustainable finance community of…
Partnerships with indigenous communities

The Crucial Partnership between Indigenous Communities and Biodiversity Initiatives

Throughout centuries, Indigenous communities have been considered environmental guardians, which is why their knowledge in…

Fossil Fuel Transition And Alignment With The Sdgs

The United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28) closed this past Wednesday, December 13th 2023, with…
2023 in review
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2023 In Review

To say the least, 2023 has been a turbulent year for the world and global…


COP28: That was one giant leap for oil producers, one small step for mankind. Don…
Engagement with investees

Differentiating Impact Investing from other Strategies

Impact investing is an investment style that distinguishes from ESG and Activist investing through engagement…

10 ways the biodiversity loss and climate change are closely interlinked

Biodiversity loss and climate change are intricately interconnected; changes in one can significantly impact the…
Nature Action
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Clear Skies Joins Nature Action 100

Clear Skies Joins Nature Action 100 and Contributes to Setting Investor Expectations for Biodiversity Clear…
Climate Action

Are we all really for climate action?

We are getting used to the world suffering from major floods, huge rainfalls and severe…
Investment Strategy
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A Q2 2023 Macro Perspective

In the second quarter of 2023, the US stock market maintained its upward trajectory, buoyed…
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Food & Agriculture Outlook 2023

Our colleague Jacques attended the 33rd edition of the CRAAQ's 'Les perspectives agro-alimentaires'. Read his…
G7 countries to address climate change

More yet to be done

April 2023 in Sapporo: Another agreement from the G7 countries to address climate change. Are…
Impact manager

Who Impacts Whom? 

Who Impacts Whom?  Impact can (should) behave like a nuclear reaction  by Jacques Caussignac, Director…

Biodiversity comes up in voting discussions

GIR and Clear Skies collaborate on a white paper on the current proxy voting practices…
Net Zero Goals
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Reality check for 2023: A year of more action towards reaching the net zero goal

A thought piece about 2023 net zero goals by founder and CEO of Clear Skies,…
giving tuesday water
Firm updates

CAD$32,000 raised for WATER ACESS in the spirit of Giving Tuesday

The Clear Skies Foundation opted to participate in the global Giving Tuesday campaign this year…
Global Equity Fund
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Introducing the iWorld Equity Fund, an impact investing strategy

The Quebec Emerging Manager Program is proud to announce the selection of Clear Skies Investment…
Clear Skies Ahead Newsletter
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Clear Skies Ahead – Monthly Newsletters

Inflation and climate change
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Striking a Balance Between Inflation and Climate Action

The Inflation Reduction Act is the most significant bill to address climate change in US…
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The Energy Transition

Many countries are looking for ways to reduce their energy dependence on other sovereign countries.…
Supreme Court decisions
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The Supreme Court on Climate Change

On June 30, 2022, the US Supreme Court prevented the EPA to regulate GHG emissions…
decarbonizing portfolio
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Decarbonizing Portfolios

Driving GHG emissions reductions through decarbonization of portfolios  As society's concern over the systemic risks…
Principles for Responsible Investment
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Clear Skies Becomes a Signatory of the PRI

Clear Skies announced its official recognition as a signatory of the United Nations-supported Principles for…
Responsible Investment and Democracy
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Responsible Investing, ESG and Democracy

Following Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine on February 24th, and the atrocities…
Climate Action Fund
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Launching the Clear Skies Climate Action Fund

Clear Skies Investment Management Inc. officially opens two open-ended funds today composed of well-managed and…
COP26 covers climate adaptation
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Clear Skies in Glasgow and COP26

Big pledges for ending deforestation, pledges to phase out coal and interesting deals on methane…
Firm updates

A message from the founder

"Today, I am investing with the lens of an impact investor because I believe it…
Nature-Related Financial Disclosure
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Nature-Related Financial Disclosure

Task Force on Nature-Related Financial Disclosures (TNFD) is a common framework for organizations to report…
Impact Assessment
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Beyond ESG: The Impact Assessment

10 years ago, people were sold a story that focusing on ESG would yield higher…
Financial Performance of Impact Investing
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Making the Case : Impact Investing

What is impact investing? Impacting investing is an investment strategy that allows the investor to…