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This latest report from WaterAid and Vivid Economics highlights the significant value that investments in Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) can have around the world. These investments not only unlock trillions of dollars in economic value, but also could reduce 10% of the global disease burden and unlock substantial health and psycho-social benefits for women and girls while supporting climate adaptation.

Last month’s 2021 Joint Monitoring Program Report from World Health Organization stated that if current trends persist, by 2030: (

  • Only 81 percent of the world’s population will have access to safe drinking water at home, leaving 1.6 billion without;
  • Only 67 percent will have safe sanitation services, leaving 2.8 billion without;
  • And only 78 percent will have basic hand-washing facilities, leaving 1.9 billion without.

The case is worse for Sub-Saharan Africa and in rural areas of the world.

As post-pandemic recovery budgets are being discussed. It is clear that investing in safe WASH services is a way to create stronger and more resilient systems and communities.


Download the report here