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Today we recognize the National Day For Truth and Reconciliation. On behalf of the Clear Skies Team, we would like to honor the lost children and survivors of residential schools, their families, and communities. Diversity and dignity are part of our core values, which is why we firmly believe that all individuals deserve to be treated respectfully and with dignity.

Did you know the important role impact investors have on Indigenous communities that still lack the necessary infrastructure such as water, education, economic development and health? According to The First Nations Major Projects Coalition, impact investing in Indigenous communities is at a very early stage. In fact, the main ESG standards such as the GRI, SASB, TFCD, CDSB, WEG make very brief and negligible references to Indigenous rights, value, equity ownership, interests and priorities. In the GRI, the Indigenous issues are only considered when they have initiated court against a company. In SASB, only the oil and gas sections include the Indigenous rights.

An important question arises from this: how can ESG-approved investments meet the ESG criteria if their impact on Indigenous rights, people and communities are not even considered?

To learn more about the gap between impact investing and Indigenous communities: