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We are an impact investing firm offering accredited and institutional investors actively managed portfolios & funds with strategies aligned to the united Nations Sustainable Development Goals



A robust screening process and Impact measurement framework based on our Theory of Change to find initiatives with solutions that aim to solve global challenges


A multi-asset strategy that blends private capital with public securities to offer a product that optimizes liquidity and maximizes risk-adjusted returns

Active ownership

An integrated impact investment process which leverages engagement and proxy voting activities to maximize and scale the impact of the portfolios & funds


What is Impact Investing?

Impact investing is a proactive investing approach which allows capital to be redirected towards companies intentionally pursuing positive Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) activities that address today’s most pressing challenges.

Is ESG not enough?

Positive ESG can be synonymous with positive impact if there is ‘Intention’: it means there is a strategic purpose in a company’s ESG activities. Simply avoiding negative ESG practices and complying to the status quo are not enough to create change.


Climate change, the health pandemic, global inequalities and other areas of concern are challenging our current economic system; More than ever, we need solutions intentionally created to achieve a greener and more equal economy, while minimizing negative risks on the environment and society.




In response to the current needs, impact investments are attracting accelerated capital inflows and are even sometimes outperforming their mainstream peers because they are better able to mitigate financial risks now and in the future.


Companies that are not integrating ESG into their strategic objectives risk further pushback from employees, customers, regulators and investors. If we reward the other companies that are making positive efforts, traditional business models will shift towards purpose.


There is an urgency to collectively mobilize and direct capital into investments aligned with the UN SDGs. Clear Skies has developed a Theory of Change which enables us to identify companies with impact-driven priorities aimed at five crucial avenues of a sustainable global economy.


Energy and Climate Action

Fundamental Human Needs 

Smart and Resilient infrastructure


“Today, I am investing with the lens of an impact investor because I believe it is the optimal approach.” Read the full message from the founder here.

Michel Brutti

Founder and CEO

I always strive to align my personal values and mission with my professional life – a mission for a better & healthier tomorrow for our planet and all living beings in it. At Clear Skies, I found a diverse team of leaders who are committed to achieving the same mission with sustainable development at the core of their focus.

Dan Chacko

Director of Sustainable Investments

“When you’re doing something for yourself, or your best friend or family, you’re not going to cheese out.” – Steve Jobs when developing the iPod

That is what I feel about how we are creating Clear Skies. We are going the extra mile because we want to create an Impact Investing product that we ourselves would want to use and trust as investors. As individuals, we are committed to seeing a greener and more equal future.

Polina Gamayunova

Director of Operations and Strategy

Clear Skies not only aligns with my values and interests in finance and environmental issues but is also composed of a hard-working and diverse team of leaders.

Working at Clear skies challenges me every day and allows me to be creative in many ways!

Saphira Suoi

Investment Research Consultant


To direct capital towards positive impact initiatives and accelerate the finance industry’s contribution to a more sustainable world.

Impact Investing SDG
Impact investing in the Sustainable Development Goals


We define positive impact as an impact-driven activity that is aligned with at least one of the 17 objectives of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.

The Latest Impact Investment News

Decarbonizing Portfolios

Driving GHG emissions reductions through decarbonization of portfolios  As society's concern over the systemic risks associated with climate change grows, a once-niche ESG and impact investing product offering is providing investors with a route to a greener...

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Launching the Clear Skies Climate Action Fund

Clear Skies Investment Management Inc. officially opens two open-ended funds today composed of well-managed and purpose-driven companies making a positive impact for people and planet. One such fund is notably tailored to address climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Nature-Related Financial Disclosure

Task Force on Nature-Related Financial Disclosures (TNFD) is a common framework for organizations to report their impact and dependencies on nature. Read more…

Beyond ESG: The Impact Assessment

10 years ago, people were sold a story that focusing on ESG would yield higher profits. They believed that it would change the impact companies had on society. Today, the global community should look at going beyond ESG with a sense of urgency. This is a message the was sounded loud and clear at the “Impact Assessment” at the Sustainable Finance Summit. If you were not able to attend this panel, here is a brief summary.

Clear Skies Becomes a Signatory of the PRI

Clear Skies announced its official recognition as a signatory of the United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), further signaling its priority for maximizing risk-adjusted returns while maximizing positive impact on the planet and society.

Responsible Investing, ESG and Democracy

Following Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine on February 24th, and the atrocities committed after the invasion, the question of whether responsible investors (and ESG Funds) should have been invested in Russia, is appropriate and quite...

Clear Skies in Glasgow and COP26

Big pledges for ending deforestation, pledges to phase out coal and interesting deals on methane (which causes a lot more warming per tonne that is emitted than CO2). These are but a few commitments drafted by national governments from across the world to mitigate climate change – strategies that help make the climate change less severe.

However, did you know that adaptation tactics- strategies that help protects from current and future effects of climate change – do not get nearly enough attention.

A message from the founder

“Today, I am investing with the lens of an impact investor because I believe it is the winning formula.” Read the full message…

Making the Case : Impact Investing

What is impact investing? Impacting investing is an investment strategy that allows the investor to monitor the social and environmental impacts of their investment while still perceiving financial gain. Challenging the widely held notion that social issues can only...

The Impact insights



Greenwashing occurs when a company intentionally misrepresents their environmental friendliness in order to deceive consumers. This can include misleading imagery, purposefully vague sustainability practices, or exaggerating already deceptive initiatives.

To be a more conscious investor, be mindful of suspicious sustainability claims and run an ESG due diligence on your portfolio just as comprehensively as you would run a financial due-diligence

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17 SDGs before 2030?

17 SDGs before 2030?

In order to meet the UN SDGS by 2030, a large amount of capital is needed, and according to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), there is an immense $2.5 trillion funding gap that needs to be filled for developing countries alone.

Financing sources that can help bridge this gap include Multilateral Development banks, private sector investments, sustainable bonds, and SDG-Themed ETFs, among others.

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