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According to the The Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN), “intentionality is an investor’s intention to have a positive social and environmental impact through investments, alongside a financial return.”

HOW is intention spotted? Impact Investors finance solutions that contribute to a positive social + environmental impact by using some frameworks such as the Impact Management Project (IMP). The IMP is a forum for building global consensus on how to measure, assess + report impacts on people and the environment, based on five dimensions (What,Who, How Much, Contribution, Risk). Enterprises’ intentions can relate to three types of impact: acting to avoid harm, benefiting society and contributing to solutions. At Clear Skies, our analysts are required to do an IMP analysis for each company they analyse to understand the impact on the people and the environment

As Impactivate® mentioned in an article : « A desire to do good and willingness to put money behind that sentiment are commendable but for a true measure of how funding makes a difference, stating, measuring, and reporting on intentionality can provide invaluable accountability.”