Are you seeing green everywhere?

Green news is proliferating in our feeds as waves of companies pledge to act now for climate action. Pause: Are the companies you love as green as they say? #teamclearskies recommends being conscious about Greenwashing.

Greenwashing occurs when a company intentionally misrepresents their environmental friendliness in order to deceive consumers. This can include misleading imagery, purposefully vague sustainability practices, or exaggerating already deceptive initiatives. Climate action by all is indeed a cause for celebration, but let’s not forget the good old adage, “actions speak louder than words”.

According to Brittany Damico, MSc. on the Nasdaq, when you make the decision to align your personal values with your purchasing power as a consumer, you have the ability to shape the economy.

Likewise with impact investing and ESG investing.

To be a more conscious investor, be mindful of suspicious sustainability claims and run an ESG due diligence on your portfolio just as comprehensively as you would run a financial due-diligence

Here’s the full article found on Nasdaq

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