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No more good COP, bad COP: This COP is about taking action now. As John Kerry, US Climate Envoy, noted, “COP 26 in Glasgow IS the last best hope for the world to get its act together”. One of our colleagues of #TeamClearSkies, Polina Gamayunova, was in town and captured some additional observations: the negotiations are great but they are not solely the centre of climate action. Proactive ambition AND action by all those not at the table of the negations is also crucial. There were actually 3 COPs in Glasgow: blue zone (intergovernmental negotiations), green zone (panels featuring climate corporate leaders), and the people’s zone (fringe events organized by citizens concerned for the next generations to come). In fact, COP26 stands out most as it had the highest participation of private companies compared to any other COP event, indicating they know they are part of the solution. This is big for economic transformation. This is big for challenging business as usual. This is big for climate action and a sustainable future.

Follow the link to learn how Clear Skies will aim to direct capital to deploy the transition to a net-zero world early 2022